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App for finding nearby basketball courts for pickup games
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Shoot For Teams

App designed to find nearby basketball courts for pick-up games. Starting off as an Austin-based project with plans for expansion to other areas as development continues.


Shoot For Teams is designed to take the hassle out of finding nearby basketball courts. With user-generated information about courts, you get a much more detailed experience than traditional search sites. We make it easy to find the place so you can get out and play.


When accessing the page with your Android smartphone, you may select the "Add to Home Screen" button on the Chrome menu to access it as a regular app. For desktop Chrome you may go to Menu and then "Install Shoot For Teams" to add it to your desktop. As for iOS support, it is still just starting out, but you may access the site, then go to the menu, then "Share", and "Add to Homescreen" and you will be good to go.


Just click on the "Find a Court" button, enable location access, and see the courts nearby you. The orange ball represents courts with scheduled games, the black ones represents free courts. Clicking on the ball let you see photos, location, current weather and future games. You may signin or login to be able to submit new court entries and schedule matches.



I'd love to have your help with this project. The steps here should get you going. If not, make a contribution by updating the docs!

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