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cli tool for slurping up assets and plopping them into a directory
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CLI tool for bundling static assets from NPM (think textures, audio for voxeljs, but could potentially be used for creating CSS bundles too, I guess). Makes assets published on NPM suitable for publishing on a CDN.

$ npm install -g static-assets
$ cat package.json
"dependencies": { "painterly-textures": "0.0.X", "garys-sweet-textures": "0.0.12" },
"useAssets": {
  "outputDirOne": { "painterly-textures": "**/*.png", "garys-sweet-textures": "lib/overwrite.png" },
  "outputDirTwo": { "garys-sweet-textures": "apocrypha/*.png" }
$ static-assets --package package.json --output assets
$ tree assets

├── outputDirOne
|   ├── brick.png
|   ├── grass.png
|   ├── things.png
|   └── overwrite.png
└── outputDirTwo
    ├── lovecraft.png
    ├── gary_busey.png
    └── derp.png

The syntax it expects is {"destination": {"module-name": "file_or_glob"} }, where for every file it finds, it will do the equivalent of cp -r node_modules/module-name/found_file destination/.

Later modules in the object may overwrite previous output from previous modules.


static-assets [--package, -p path/to/package.json] [--output path/to/assets]

If --package is not given, it is assumed to be ./package.json. It uses resolve to find the modules listed in useAssets.



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