A Docker container for the Lucee scripting language on Ubuntu with Nginx web server.
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A Docker container for CFWheels applications running on Lucee, Ubuntu, and Nginx.

What you get

  • Ready (and intended) for use with Docker Compose in development
  • Lucee scripting engine
  • Latest version of CFWheels, modified to use environment variables for configuration
  • Docker-optimized Ubuntu via Baseimage-docker
  • Nginx web server with URL rewriting enabled for CFWheels

Development requirements

You must have the following installed on your development machine:

  • Docker
  • Docker Compose
  • RDBMS compatible with CFWheels


  1. Download the source and unzip anywhere on your system where you want to do development.
  2. In Dockerfile, change the railopass option to something secure.
  3. Copy the contents of docker-compose.yml.sample into a new file called docker-compose.yml. (Note: do not delete the sample file after doing this because it stays in source control.)
  4. In docker-compose.yml:
    1. Configure values for your data source (DB_TYPE, DB_HOST, etc.) according to Lucee's format for Application.cfc. It is recommended that you connect to a database on your host system via your LAN IP address.
    2. Configure SMTP server settings (if any) according to attributes in <cfmail> tag. (You can safely remove settings not in use.)
    3. Add any other environment-specific settings that you'd like for your development environment.
  5. From the project root, run docker-compose build. Docker will install and configure Ubuntu, Nginx, and Lucee.

Running the application

From the project root, run this command:

$ docker-compose up

You then can access your project at

(Note: if you can't connect to your application, try running boot2docker ip to make sure you should in fact be hitting the standard IP address.)

To stop the application, press Ctrl + C.