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πŸ”¨ Tool to generate OCaml projects
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πŸͺ Mkocaml

A simple helper I use to generate OCaml projects. I constantly find myself struggling to remember dune commands for various tasks and how to setup opam files. This project is intended to solve that and make setup quicker.

This tool generates:

  • Git repository
  • OCaml .gitignore
  • Executable or Library with inline-tests
  • Opam package
  • Copy of the executable to /usr/local/bin
  • Makefile with no nonsense commands


  opam install mkocaml


Creating a new executable

> mkocaml -e new
> make
> new
Hello, World!

Creating a new library

> mkocaml -l new
> make


Makefile command Description
make or make build Builds the project with dune, copies exe to /usr/local/bin
make install Installs the dune projects
make test Runs unit tests
make clean Cleans the project with dune
make doc Generates the documentation for the project
make publish Publishes the opam package

Opam File

git config is used to fill in details.

The project will be versioned at 1.0 by default. For subsequent releases, update the version in this file and Makefile (under the publish section).

Before publishing, ensure you fill in the synopsis section.


Contributions to mkocaml are greatly appreciated! ❀️

Please try to keep its implementation unassuming and configurable. πŸ™‚

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