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OCaml is a general purpose industrial-strength programming language with an emphasis on expressiveness and safety, It is supporting functional, imperative and object-oriented styles.

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Klipse is a Javacript plugin for embedding interactive code snippets in tech blogs. A simple client-side code evaluator pluggable on any web page: clojure, ruby, javascript, python, scheme, es2017, jsx, brainfuck, c++, reagent, lua, ocaml, reasonml, prolog, common lisp

  • Updated Sep 20, 2020
  • Clojure
mtzguido commented Oct 8, 2018

This is very low prio, but it usually happens that when touching Prims or some other file high in the dependency graph, we get spurious diffs in many other files. Since we check-in the snapshot, and we need to have it up-to-date, we get very verbose commits when nothing relevant changed. Plus, when something did change, it's hard to spot.

Example: I removed a few lines in prims and get things

jeremiedimino commented May 7, 2020

Dune systematically buffers the output of commands so that their output is not mixed up during parallel builds. However, this is not ideal for interactive commands that require direct access to the terminal.

Currently, the only workaround is to run dune with -j 1 --no-buffer which is not ideal since it completely disables parallelism and also require a specific dune invocation.

Another ide

dbuenzli commented Jun 21, 2020

Describe the bug
The following (wrong) simple source file triggers an assertion failure.

> mkdir /tmp/bug
> cd /tmp/bug
> cat - >
type t
type prop
external set : t -> prop -> t -> unit = "caml_js_get"
let set_if_some o p = function None -> () | Some v -> set o p v
> ocamlc -c 
> js_of_ocaml compile prop.cmo 
js_of_ocaml: You found a bug. Please report it at htt

Created by Xavier Leroy

Released 1996

Latest release about 2 months ago

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