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Notifies message systems of TeamCity build events.
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Team City Build Bot

This little guy will read your TeamCity build RSS feed, and report build failures to your irc channel.

How To Get It Running

  1. Copy bin/config.example.yml to config.yml and enter your details
  2. bin/buildbot should: start your buildbot, join your channel and begin operating with you


Note: depending on your TeamCity configuration, buildbot may know about many different build configurations. In the following examples, “[build]” represents the name of a build configuration on your TeamCity server

build status

Will list all known build configurations.

status of [build]

Will message the current known status of [build].

history of [build]

Will message the last 10 builds of build [build].

toggle verbose

Will flip the verbose bit for more/less information as builds complete. When verbose is true, all builds are reported; when false, only failures are reported.

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