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Chrome Extension - Makes Google Keep editing use full browser window.


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Google Keep - Full Screen - Browser Extension

Google Keep Full Screen Demo Screen Recording

Latest Version: 1.3.0

  • Allows Google Keep editing to use the full browser window.
  • Allows toggling full screen on and off by clicking on an icon added on the notes.
  • Remembers full screen status across sessions
  • Supports Dark Mode
  • Works with non-English language settings
  • 🆕 Options page to customize behavior (width, padding, background)
  • 🆕 Customizable keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+F or Cmd+Shift+F by default) to toggle full screen on and off
  • 🆕 Other minor bug fixes & enhancements

Firefox on Older Version

Warnings & Important Notes

  1. Use this extension at your own risk. It shouldn't cause problems, but I can't make any guarantees. It's wise to keep critical notes backed up.
  2. This extension only works with the website version of Google Keep (ie. - it won't work with the "app" version (the one you might install and launch from your app menu -ie. for offline use).
  3. At this time, clicking the extension icon itself does not toggle anything - click the full-screen icon added to the note itself (or use the keyboard shortcut) to toggle full-screen on and off.



The simplest method is to install from the extension or add-on page for your browser:

Manual Installation for Development (Sideloading)

This is useful if you want to change the extension or use it as an example to create your own.

General Use

  • Full-screen is enabled by default when you first install the extension.
  • Use the full-screen icon at the bottom of the note to toggle full-screen on and off as needed.
  • Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut, which you can customize at "chrome://extensions/shortcuts"
  • Your selection will be remembered between notes and sessions.
  • Open the extension options (from a note menu, Keep menu, extension icon menu or extension page) to customize behavior.

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Issues & Contributions

Found a bug? Have a suggestion?

Submit it here

Thanks to all who have contributed reviews, suggestions, bug reports, etc. Special thanks to @MartinLichtblau, @tbrodbeck, @JnLlnd, @dylankenneally, @Paliec, @macdonaldster

Developer sustenance funding is welcome, but not expected