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Getting Started

Quick getting started information for the most common use case.

Latest Version

See notes to follow below in case you are upgrading from a much earlier version.

Download Latest Version (2.4.1):

Latest Version Hash (md5):


Install PSSH

  1. Make sure you have PHP, or install it if not

  2. Run this code in a download folder or temporary location:

     curl > pssh
     chmod +x pssh
     sudo ./pssh install
  3. Test success by running in a new terminal session:

     pssh version

Import Existing Config

  1. Import your current config to a new JSON file (~/.pssh/ssh_config_imported.json)

     pssh import
  2. Add git URL for your company's shared SSH config into ~/.pssh/config.json (sync:), then run:

     pssh sync
  3. Merge your imported json into your synced work json file, putting overrides into a personal file (this is automatically ignored by the default .gitignore, so you'll need to sync/back this up yourself as needed)

     pssh merge ~/.pssh/ssh_config_imported.json ~/.pssh/ssh_config_work.json ~/.pssh/ssh_config_personal.json
  4. Review the personal file - conflicts will be placed here, some may require manual adjustments.

  5. Diff the work file to make sure you don't sync something you wanted to keep private! Move host entries to personal file as needed.

     cd ~/.pssh
     git difftool
  6. Export new JSON files to ssh config and test

     pssh export
     ssh oneofyourhosts
  7. Sync again when ready

     pssh sync


The script will periodically check for updates autmoatically and inform you when an update is available.

If an update is available, you can run the following to install the update:

sudo pssh update

Upgrading from 1.0 and before

Your config file may need some updates. It's recommended that you edit your config file (~/.pssh/config.json) and delete all lines with empty values before updating.

To update, if you are not on a self-updating version of the script, you will want to first remove the previous version of the script. Find it with:

which pssh

Then remove it from your bin path, or remove your alias - depending on how it was set up.

Now, run the install following the steps above. All configuration will transfer, and the script will now automatically check for updates!


pssh <method> (argument1) (argument2) ... [options]

| METHOD                        | INFO                                                                                                                |
| add                           | Add new SSH host - interactive, or specify options                                                                  |
| backup                        | Backup a file or files to the configured backup folder                                                              |
| clean                         | Clean json config files                                                                                             |
| clear                         | Clear the screen                                                                                                    |
| delete_host                   | Delete host                                                                                                         |
| edit_host                     | Edit host - modify config in your editor                                                                            |
| eval_file                     | Evaluate a php script file, which will have access to all internal methods via '$this'                              |
| exit                          | Exit the command prompt                                                                                             |
| export                        | Export JSON config to SSH config file                                                                               |
| help                          | Shows help/usage information.                                                                                       |
| import                        | Import SSH config data into JSON                                                                                    |
| init_host                     | Initialize host - interactive, or specify options                                                                   |
| install                       | Install a packaged PHP console tool                                                                                 |
| list                          | List all hosts                                                                                                      |
| merge                         | Merge config from one JSON file into another                                                                        |
| prompt                        | Show interactive prompt                                                                                             |
| search                        | Search for host configuration                                                                                       |
| sync                          | Sync config files based on 'sync' config/option value                                                               |
| update                        | Update an installed PHP console tool                                                                                |
| version                       | Output version information                                                                                          |
To get more help for a specific method:  pssh help <method>

| OPTION                        | TYPE                                       | INFO                                                                   |
| ----WSC--                     | (boolean)                                  | HJSON Data for config file                                             |
| --allow-root                  | (boolean)                                  | OK to run as root                                                      |
| --backup-age-limit            | (string)                                   | Age limit of backups to keep- number of days                           |
| --backup-dir                  | (string)                                   | Location to save backups                                               |
| --cache-lifetime              | (boolean)                                  | Default time to cache data in seconds                                  |
| --cli-script                  | (string)                                   | CLI script to install on hosts during init                             |
| --install-path                | (string)                                   | Install path of this tool                                              |
| --json-config-paths           | (string)                                   | Main JSON config file paths                                            |
| --json-import-path            | (string)                                   | Default JSON config import path                                        |
| --ssh-config-path             | (string)                                   | Default SSH config path                                                |
| --ssl-check                   | (boolean)                                  | Whether to check SSL certificates with curl                            |
| --stamp-lines                 | (boolean)                                  | Stamp output lines                                                     |
| --step                        | (boolean)                                  | Enable stepping points                                                 |
| --sync                        | (string)                                   | Git SSH URL to sync config data                                        |
| --timezone                    | (string)                                   | Timezone - from                    |
| --update-auto                 | (int)                                      | How often to automatically check for an update (seconds, 0 to disable) |
| --update-check-hash           | (binary)                                   | Whether to check hash of download when updating                        |
| --update-last-check           | (string)                                   | Formatted timestap of last update check                                |
| --update-version-url          | (string)                                   | URL to check for latest version number info                            |
| --verbose                     | (boolean)                                  | Enable verbose output                                                  |
Use no- to set boolean option to false - eg. --no-stamp-lines

Troubleshooting & Common Issues

General PCon issues which may apply


Many thanks to all who've helped with suggestions, testing, and motivation!


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