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A cookiecutter to generate Dash app skeletons.
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A cookiecutter to generate Dash app skeletons.

  • Makefile to generate Docker image (make image)
  • Bootstrap integration and navbar chrome
  • Dockerfile for deployment on ECS (see instructions)
  • DangerouslySetInnerHTML included to allow you to inject pure HTML
  • A choice of auto-generated licenses


To build your Dash app, use



Parameter Default value Description
project_name My Dash application Project name – appears in description, etc.
repo_name Normalised repo name
package_name Normalised package name
àuthor_name Your name Package author's name
author_email Package author's e-mail
author_github_username your_github_username Package author's github username
description Your project's short description
version 0.1.0 Project version
license Choice of a number of licenses.


There's a dedicated discussion thread on the Plotly Discourse server for cookiecutter-dash. For questions that aren't issues or bugs, you might want to go there.

If you detect a bug, please file an issue under the Issues tab.


Contributions are welcome! Go to the Issues tab to see where we need help. If you have a feature suggestion, please propose it as an issue before creating a pull request, so that it can be properly discussed. Thanks!

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