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The Ciao Programming Language

Ciao is a programming language that builds up from a logic-based simple kernel, and is designed to be extensible and modular. It supports:

  • constraint logic programming (and, in particular, Prolog)
  • different levels of modularity (from small to large scale)
    • modules as (analysis-friendly) compilation units
    • bundles as collections of modules
  • packages as modules implementing language extensions (syntactic definitions, compilation options, compiler plugins)
  • assertions (as a homogeneous framework that allows static and dynamic verification to work cooperatively in a unified way)
  • multiparadigm constructs (meta-programming, higher-order, mutables, concurrency, functions, etc.) and interfacing with foreign code

This repository contains the compiler and Ciao standard libraries. Together with the builder bundle it can be used as a minimal Ciao installation.

Other advanced features (such as global program analysis and transformations, static debugging, documentation generation, Emacs-based development environment, etc.) are provided in separate bundles.


Please consult the quick installation instructions or refer to the INSTALLATION file.

NOTE: This repository is automatically synchronized from the Ciao monorepo.