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Development environment for Ciao

This is the Emacs-based development environment for Ciao. See Manifest for contents of this bundle.

Installation methods (one of):

  • clone ciao and execute:
./ get devenv

System configuration options are allowed as additional arguments (see INSTALLATION file for configuration flags, etc.)

  • (experimental) on top of an existing minimum ciao:
ciao get devenv
  • (experimental) one-line installation for Linux and macOS (use with care!):
curl -sSfL | sh -s -- get devenv

where the uninstallation methods are, respectively:

  • ./ uninstall (then remove directory)
  • ciao uninstall ciao_emacs, ciao rm ciao_emacs, ciao rm devenv, etc. (must be done by hand per bundle)
  • remove system at ~/.ciaoroot/master:
( cd ~/.ciaoroot/master; ./ uninstall )
rm -rf ~/.ciaoroot/master
rmdir ~/.ciaoroot > /dev/null 2>&1 || true