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epwing_conv for OSX 10.9+ (Ruby 10.9+) (ebd2html for OSX was moved here)
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  • Updated for OSX 10.9+ (Ruby 1.9+)
  • Ruby 1.8 is not supported.


Based on


  • Windows enviroment
    • Wine is alright. (ex) NXWine or CrossOver
  • EBDump
  • Dictionary Development Kit
    • Make your Apple ID developer mode (free).
    • Access to
    • Select See more downloads below.
    • Search for Auxiliary tools for Xcode and download one of them
    • Open the archive and put the Dictionary Development Kit (our default is /Applications)

Dumping text using EBDump

Base file Category Output
HONMON/START [00]本文 honmon.txt
HONMON/START [90]前方一致かなINDEX fkindex.txt
HONMON/START [04]前方一致かな見出し fktitle.txt
HONMON/START [91]前方一致表記INDEX fhindex.txt
HONMON/START [05]前方一致表記見出し fhtitle.txt
HONMON/START [92]前方一致英字INDEX faindex.txt
HONMON/START [08]前方一致英字見出し fatitle.txt
GAIJI-file/START [F1]外字(16×16ドット) zgaiji.txt
GAIJI-file/START [F2]外字(8×16ドット) hgaiji.txt
  • honmon.txt is mandatory and one of fkindex.txt/fktitle.txt, fhindex.txt/fhtitle.txt or faindex.txt/fatitle.txt are also mandatory.
  • 16x16 dot gaiji file is usually GA16FULL or GAI16F00.
  • 8x16 dot gaiji file is usually GA16HALF or GAI16H00.

Note that:

  • 出力ブロック数 (output blocks) should be the same as blks.
  • テキストダンプ (text dump) type should be 記述子 (descriptor).

Building HTML using ebd2html

  • Put ebd2html and ebd2html.ini in the same directory as honmon.txt.
  • Edit ebd2html.ini
  • Perform conversion: export LC_ALL=ja_JP.SJIS; ./ebd2html
    • You will see strange characters in Terminal, but don't worry. Terminal just doesn't understand SJIS. The output should be fine.
  • changing locale is required for sort.

Building XML using epwing_conv

  • (Let the HTML COBUILD.html and the GAIJI map cobuild.lst)
    • The GAIJI map is specific for each dictionaries, so you have to make one refering Gaiji.xml.
  • ruby epwing_conv.rb < COBUILD.html | ruby gaiji_rep.rb cobuild.lst > MyDictionary.xml

Building dictionary

  • Put MyInfo.plist, Makefile and MyDictionary.xml to Dictionary Development Kit's project_template.
  • Edit MyInfo.plist and Makefile's parameters properly.
  • make


Public Domain, or Creative Commons CC0.

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