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The·Grid - Interactive polychromatic lighting array
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The·Grid is an installation at EMF 2014 and 2016. This repository contains the hardware, firmware, software, and miscellaneous documentation and scripts that go with it.


All the PCB designs live in the hardware/ folder. They're done in KiCAD.


The firmware that runs on the pole PCBs (new in 2016), which controls the RGB LED and buzzer and reads data from the serial bus, lives in firmware/polefw.

The firmware that runs on the driver PCB, which is basically a glorified USB to RS422 serial widget, lives in firmware/driverfw.

Both use ChibiOS (16.1) so you should git submodule update --init to get that checked out. Additionally you'll want to patch a bug in ChibiOS, see the README in firmware/ for more details.


The software runs code-defined patterns of light and sound on The·Grid itself. It's written in Python 3, using asyncio, with some WebGL for an in-browser simulation.

It's fairly easy to add your own patterns, please see the README in software/ for more details.

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