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SimpleRockets Evaluator

This app calculates the center of gravity of a given rocket, and eventually, probably, a portion of that rocket.

You can use this to optimally place RCS engines.

That's...pretty much it.

Running Locally

This calculator is a Python webapp on the backend, which mostly just loads and parses the ship files and handles downloading the ships and such. The frontend is a jQuery-based Javascript app that does all of the analysis and rendering, using Canvas for the rendering.


A Python webapp using the Bottle framework. Bottle is a very basic framework with minimal requirements. To get up and running, you just need Python installed, with the bottle package installed. For this app, you will also need requests in order to handle getting the ship files. Everything else should be included in a standard Python install.

To set these up, just install via your favorite Python package installer, such as:

pip install bottle
pip install requests

And then to get started, just use the included debug server:


The server should start up, and you should be able to access the app on your computer at http://localhost:54321

A quick overview of the structure of things: is the web app that handles the requests and the actual app interaction. contains all the logic for parsing and handling the ship files and their data. It in turn uses the included in order to handle some polygon calculations.


The frontend is a jQuery-based Javascript app that is similarly divided: evaluate.js handles the interaction and UI setup, and then rocket.js has the logic specific to the rocket logic.

It also uses transform-tracker.js as a wrapper around the Canvas Transform to keep track of transforms in a cross-platform compatible way.

The CSS uses the Sass pre-processor. If you're working with the CSS, you should use the Sass processor of your choice.

Other Stuff

I used Bottle becuase I try to use a new framework whenever I make a little app like this, I'm currently on a Python kick, and have heard good things. It was this or Flask, and I liked Bottle's docs better. Flask will get its day I'm sure.

Suggestions and especially pull requests are welcome!


Evaluates SimpleRocket save links - currently, calculates center of gravity




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