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alt tag ##Basic Setup After cloning, initialize the SwipeListView:

<xam:SwipeListView ItemsSource="{Binding ListItems}">
							<xam:SwipeItemView BoundItem="{Binding .}" x:Name="loopedElement">
										<!-- Content !-->
										<!-- Content !-->
										<!-- Content !-->

As you can imagine xam:SwipeItemView define the template of the Swipe element. You can define the template of the box behind too customizing SwipeLeftContent and SwipeRightContet. SwipeLeftContent, SwipeRightContet and MainContent accepts bounded View.

See MainPage.xaml for a complete example

##Events and Custom properties xam:SwipeItemView defines some events and properties:

  • SwipeLeftCompleted
  • SwipeRightCompleted
  • DismissSwipeBefore dismiss the swipe if the gesture haven't completed the action for the setted number (from 0.1 to 1)
  • DismissSwipe fired when swipe is dismissed
  • SwipeDuration animation duration for the swipe to complete the action after the gesture is completed (uint)
  • ChangeOpacity set to true to animate opacity. Default is false.

##Contributions and known issues Due to this bug: - the method to remove an element from the List is a bit trivial. Use:

		private void RemoveElement(object sender, EventArgs e)
			SwipeItemView itemView = (sender as T).CommandParameter as SwipeItemView;
			(this.BindingContext as Q).ListItems.Remove((U)(itemView.BoundItem));

See Main.xaml.cs for a working example

iOs project needed :shipit:

Currently this Xamarin Forms SwipeListView works only on Android. I'm looking for a contributor who would code the iOs project.