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CIlib - Computational Intelligence Library

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CIlib is a library of various computational intelligence algorithms. The goal of the project is to create a library that can be used and referenced by individuals and researchers alike.

The goals of the project are:

  • To provide a type-safe library, preventing as many runtime errors and invalid data representations as possible
  • Allow for the perfect reproduction of simulations, enabling researchers to validate and reuse previous work and published results with confidence
  • Enable composition, reducing the need to repeat implementations

CIlib is not a "framework", instead the library is a set of a few very simple abstractions, and allows for a principled manner to define computational intelligence algorithms and uses several typeclasses such as Functor and Monad.

Documentation and Support

  • Have a look a the website. Please note that some pages are still being written, but contributions are always welcome.

  • scaladoc

  • The source code of the project also contains several examples, have a look in the example directory

  • If you run into trouble, please open an issue

  • For help, discussion about best practices, or any other conversation that would benefit from being searchable:

    Discuss CIlib on GitHub

    For some casual chit-chat with others:

    Join the Gitter channel