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Welcome to the ciri wiki!


Ethereum is constructed by several components: EVM, Chain and P2P networking...

Currently, we already have EVM and Chain.

See https://github.com/ciri-ethereum/ciri/projects/1 for EVM and Chain progress. (Currently, we have passed all Ethereum tests)

Minimal Ethereum Roadmap

Minimal Ethereum implementation tracing: https://github.com/ciri-ethereum/ciri/projects/5

Future works

POS and Sharding

POS and Sharding are both complexes (I think even more complex than current Ethereum), and still in WIP phase, not have stable specs, so we don't consider too much about POS and Sharding before Ciri lives on main-net.

Run Ciri client upon JRuby or TruffleRuby

To gain more effective performance, we can run Ciri client upon JRuby and TruffleRuby.

Encourage more contributors

This is the really hard part, there are not many developers both familiar Ethereum and Ruby, maybe we can attract more contributors after Ciri lived on main-net.

How to learn Ethereum and contribute to Ciri?

  1. Download Ethereum client(geth or parity) and play
  2. Learn Ethereum basic knowledge by reading articles, books, videos
  3. Read Ethereum Wiki https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki
  4. Learn Ethereum client source code (geth, parity, or py-evm).
  5. Clone Ciri repo and try run tests.
  6. Pick an issue to solve then send Pull Request.

Want to contribute to this project? Talk to me on Gitter I'll help you.

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