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macOS Packer Templates for Cirrus CI

Repository with Packer templates to build Tart VMs to use with Cirrus CI.

  • macos-{monterey,ventura}-vanilla image has nothing pre-installed
  • macos-{monterey,ventura}-base image has only brew pre-installed
  • macos-{monterey,ventura}-xcode:N image is based on macos-{monterey,ventura}-base image and has Xcode N with Flutter pre-installed

See a full list of VMs available on Cirrus CI here.

Building Vanilla Image

To build macos-monterey-vanilla:

packer build templates/vanilla-monterey.pkr.hcl

To build macos-ventura-vanilla:

packer build templates/vanilla-ventura.pkr.hcl

Optionally, SIP can be disabled for each image by running the following commands:

packer build -var vm_name=monterey-vanilla templates/disable-sip.pkr.hcl
packer build -var vm_name=ventura-vanilla templates/disable-sip.pkr.hcl

Building Base Image

packer build -var-file="variables.pkrvars.hcl" templates/base.pkr.hcl

Building Xcode Image

packer build -var-file="variables.pkrvars.hcl" templates/xcode.pkr.hcl