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macOS is the operating system that powers every Mac computer. It was designed by Apple and is meant specifically for their hardware.

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gamesh411 commented May 27, 2020

The CodeChecker cmd subcommand communicates with the server via Thrift, and on a Jenkins docker image, I have tried to use it to get run information from a local CodeChecker server. The output of the CodeChecker cmd runs command was just the help message. I have found out that using a proxy is not supported right now, and the issue was solved by disabling proxy via unsetting the environmental

ESodikromo commented Jun 16, 2021

When logging in to the app, using 2FA will send a message to another device to confirm the login request. However, instead of displaying the correct info for the machine used to login (Windows, Laptop Name), all that was reported was a nondescript "Mac" machine. The reported location was correct, however. This same info is accessible from the Google Account/Security If this is intended, explain so

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Released March 24, 2001