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generate_dependent_styles add titles to two ACS journals (reports via Mendeley, both verified)
media adding start of an indexing script to create HTML and JSON output of …
.gitignore Adding a gitignore to ignore styles generated in the repository. The …
.hgtags Added tag v1.0 for changeset a123992cf9c8
LICENSE.txt Create LICENSE.txt Create
RNG2Schtrn.xsl Add script to validate CSL 0.8.1 styles, convert them to the CSL 1.0 … Adds a few new utilities. Add old script to add cs:updated element to styles. Change some file names Small updates on dependent data Make cope with 5000+ styles Change some file names Update to work on OS X Script to add "self" links to dependent styles Add sort to unsorted numeric styles Script to fix missing "match" attribute on cs:if and cs:else-if, part… Continue on script to fix up verb-short terms. Change some file names Script to remove affixes from cs:et-al Add script to delete "class" attribute from dependents Script to update cs:updated timestamps, for dependents. Updates Elsevier journal's list and also skip list (simplified). Adapt tracking-dependents script for AACR, fix up code a little Tool for extracting JSON input sections from test fixtures. For use i…
json-validate.rb Test more than one file.
list.tmpl adding start of an indexing script to create HTML and JSON output of … Skip en-US locale, change form for "no date" term Adding utility. Still needs some work, but it's a s… adding start of an indexing script to create HTML and JSON output of …
preview.json adding start of preview.json file Make cope with 5000+ styles Adds script that copies the styles git to another one and updates the… Updates to (by Frank) Change some file names
update-locales-1.0-to-1.0.1.xsl Fix up locales 1.0 to 1.0.1 script and xsl.
update-locales.xsl Adding xslt stylesheet for conversion of locale files. Should be run … Change some file names
update.xsl Copy "class" attribute on cs:style for dependent styles, so styles va…

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