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Tackle Box (now available!)


Imagine if the fishing part of Animal Crossing was its own game. That's essentially what Tackle Box is. The fishing mechanics have been expanded a bit to make the game more interesting.

There are 20 fish in total to catch, several secrets to figure out and people to meet. The game has a day/night cycle that factors into several things too.


  1. 20 types of fish to catch
  2. Several NPCs who give you modest quests and help you
  3. A shop to buy supplies and sell your fish
  4. 5 bodies of water to fish in, some with deep and shallow parts.
  5. An extra hidden mode for enthusiastic players to find.
  6. A collection screen to keep track of what fish you have found and which you haven't
  7. Fish come in sizes, completionists will not stop until they've maxed out all their fish lengths!


The game is done, barring any bug fixes that come up. You can download it in the releases section.

The website still needs to be built. The game refers to the website twice, so it's not optional. Should have that done soon.

Screenshots and Gifs

bear's tackle shop

buy in the shop

fishing at night

viewing your collection

talking to Lucy