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CityCoins give communities the power to improve and program their cities.

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  1. ui ui Public template

    Forked from friedger/stacks-send-many

    Basic UI components for interacting with the CityCoin contract. Requires Stacks Wallet for Web.

    JavaScript 28 13

  2. governance governance Public

    Community-submitted CityCoins Improvement Proposals (CCIPs)

    5 4

  3. api api Public

    A simple API to interact with Stacks and CityCoins data.

    TypeScript 10 2

  4. docs docs Public

    CityCoins documentation website.

    6 4

  5. scripts scripts Public

    A set of Node.js scripts to interact with the CityCoins protocol

    TypeScript 7 5

  6. protocol protocol Public

    CityCoins protocol and DAO implementation.

    TypeScript 7 8


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