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CityCoins Improvement Proposals (CCIPs)

The CCIPs describe the design, implementation, and governance of the CityCoins Protocol. The CCIP process (CCIP-000) describes how to create a CCIP and get it ratified. Anyone in the CityCoins community may submit a CCIP.

  • Issues - discussions about formal proposals
  • Pull Requests - official work-in-progress proposals

CCIPs in the Process of Being Activated

CCIP Number Title
CCIP-022 CityCoins Treasury Redemption NYC

Ratified CCIPs

CCIP Number Title
CCIP-000 CityCoins Improvement Proposal Process
CCIP-001 CityCoins Traits
CCIP-002 CityCoins Activation
CCIP-003 CityCoins Mining
CCIP-004 CityCoins Stacking
CCIP-005 CityCoins SIP-010 Token
CCIP-006 CityCoins VRF
CCIP-007 CityCoins Auth
CCIP-008 CityCoins SIP-010 Token v2
CCIP-009 CityCoins VRF v2
CCIP-010 CityCoins Auth v2
CCIP-011 CityCoins Stacked Tokens Voting
CCIP-012 Stabilize Emissions and Treasuries
CCIP-013 Stabilize Protocol and Simplify Contracts
CCIP-014 Upgrade to pox-3
CCIP-015 Community Proposal Voting Process
CCIP-017 Extend Sunset Period
CCIP-021 Extend Sunset Period 2
CCIP-020 Graceful Protocol Shutdown

How to Get Involved

There are several ways you can get involved with the CCIP process:

  • Join the Community - most ideas and discussions start in the CityCoins Discord, with this repository serving as an off-chain record of the official proposals within the protocol.
  • CCIP Editor - CCIP editors help CCIP authors make sure their CCIPs are well-formed and follow the right process. They help get CCIPs ready for review by advancing them from Draft to Accepted status. If you want to become a CCIP editor, open an issue with your name and email and ask to be added to the list of CCIP editors.
  • CCIP Reviewer - CCIP reviewers are responsible for reviewing an Accepted CCIP using their domain expertise, and giving the author feedback to help make the SIP workable. The current considerations for a CCIP are available in CCIP-000, and if you want to become a CCIP reviewer, open an issue with your name and email and ask to be added to the list of CCIP reviewers.


Community-submitted CityCoins Improvement Proposals (CCIPs)


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