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TUS Server Java Implementation

An implementation of the Tus Resumable Upload protocol [] in java. Vertx-Web is used for the http stack part and redis as the backend for upload information management. Extensions supported are creation,checksum,termination,concatenation. The purpose of this repository is to provide a Tus protocol implementation agnostic of the underlying storage provider thus allowing implementors to focus on their business logic and specific needs. An issue that is not a concern of the protocol but could be an extension is the handling of the locks during a patch operation. So when a patch is initiated a lock is acquired (for most obvious cases) to ensure consistency. If the process triggered from patch fails and lock is not released there is a phantom lock remaining. This edge case could be mitigated by either making the server sticky and keeping the locks in-process or by perhaps issuing a release request with a lock token obtained by the initiator of the upload. No authentication valves are implemented here also.


To just build the tus-server-implementation just:

cd <root>

mvn clean install

To build the docker image for the tus-server-implementation just (docker edge release [] is required!):

cd <root>

docker build -t tus_server .

In order to run tus-server-implementation along with all dependencies just (assuming you already have the docker image built from above):

cd <root>

docker-compose -f tus-server.yml up

In order to setup the tus-server-implementation for development from your favorite IDE redis running is required:

cd <root>

docker-compose -f redis.yml up

After that in order to run the tus-server-implementation from inside your favorite IDE just: Run the com.tus.oss.server.application.Application main class with program arguments: -c /configuration/ -b tus-server-beans.xml and VM parameters: -Dlogging.config=file:/configuration/logback.xml Redis must be live also (see above how to run it)


In the test folder: There is a very simple upload test that uses tus-java-client []. There are also curl tests that test simple upload and partial uploads (concatenation extension)


A java implementation of protocol with vertx-web.





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