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KevEdit is a ZZT editor that was under development from 2000-2005 by Kevin Vance and Ryan Phillips. It runs under DOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

As of 2023 it is maintained by Kevin Vance on github. Maintenance is focused on improvements for running KevEdit on modern computers while still supporting DOS.


Binary releases are available for 32-bit DOS, 64-bit Linux and Windows, and macOS (x86_64 and arm64) from github releases.


$ kevedit [file.zzt]

Press H in the editor to access the interactive help.

Building from source

$ ./  # only if building from git
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

If building from git, the bootstrap script requires that you have pkg-config and SDL2 installed. If you are using a source tarball, you can skip directly to running the configure script.

Creating binary artifacts

Docker containers are provided for building Linux AppImage binaries, as well as cross-compiling to macOS, Windows, and DOS. This is automated by a python build script:

$ cd inst
$ ./ [appimage] [dos] [macos] [windows]
$ ls dist

Building docker images

To build the docker images and tag them as 'latest' instead of pulling them from Docker Hub:

$ cd inst
$ ./ -i build -t [appimage] [dos] [macos] [windows]


The main KevEdit interface KevEdit navigates a world with the Board Selector The character picker for objects Using the large backbuffer to copy a whole gradient Loading a world from any directory Sophisticated stats editing The very colorful program editor


KevEdit is distributed under the GNU general public license v2.

Additional copyright notices are included in