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Welcome to the ng-form-rules documentation! Before you get too far into the weeds with this documentation we encourage you to first take a look at our README. This will get you introduced to the library at a high level and provide information on installation, dependencies, licensing, what the library does and does not do, how to get started, etc.


We have links to pertinent examples throughout the documentation, or you can just pick from a list of our examples.

Suggested Reading Plan

After looking at the README we encourage you to read our documentation using this suggested reading plan. The topics will build on top of each other and ensure a structured and comprehensive learning process.

  1. Conceptual overview
  2. Model settings
  3. Properties
  4. Tests
  5. Rule Sets
  6. Dependency properties
  7. Create form using model settings
  8. Add array item to existing form
  9. Extend validators
  10. Tracing
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