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Anofie Lite

Anofie is an anonymous feedback system. Using Anofie, you can launch your dedicated platform for Anonymous Feedback on your domain. Anofie is better than the popular anonymous feedback website. It is more secure, scalable & ready to use in production.

Just download it, install directly on your server and start collecting honest suggestions and feedback from your friends, employees, or customers creatively and professionally.

Read the beautiful documentation here - Anofie Docs

Live Preview - Anofie

Anofie - Anonymous feedback script remastered

Here's a complete video tutorial guide for getting started quickly Anofie Academy ✌️

Anofie Lite Version is open-source, free to use. Lite version has got limited features & functionality.

  • Live - Visit lite version live.
  • Github - Give us a Star.
  • Download - Visit here to download.

Pro Version

Anofie Pro Version comes with Commercial license. Pro version is fully loaded with a lot of useful and exciting features.

  • Live - Live preview available now.
  • Purchase - Available for purchase now - Flat 50% Off (limited time offer)


Anofie comes with an installer that makes the installation process fully automated and smooth as 🍻

Anofie Installer

Server Requirements

  • PHP version 5.6 or newer is recommended.
  • Make sure .htaccess is enabled.


  • If installing on the local system, please do not create a database, just enter localhost database credentials & installer will auto-create the new database.
  • Anofie can also be installed on or
  • The captcha & upload directory must be writable
  • After installation if you see something like Error number: 1146 Table settings don't exist or a blank page, just hit refresh.


  1. Download & Unzip the package.

  2. Copy all from the Anofie package folder and paste into your website directory.

  3. You website directory should look like this.
    ├── application
    ├── captcha
    ├── install
    ├── system
    ├── themes
    ├── upload
    ├── .htaccess
    └── index.php
  4. Visit to run the installer.

  5. Enter database credentials.

  6. Choose if you wish to install with or without dummy data.

  7. Click Install to start the installation process.

  8. After the installation sucessful, PLEASE DELETE THE INSTALL FOLDER

Make sure .htaccess files exist and not hidden.


Demo Accounts

Demo accounts have got demo data to easily showcase all the features of Anofie.

  1. We refresh the database every day.
  2. While in demo mode, there are no restrictions except -
    • Deleting or Disabling user account.
    • Changing Username, email, password and profile pic.

To test in a specific language, we've mentioned language preference after each demo account- e.g Roman Pane (Russian), so when you log in via please change the language (see in the footer) to Russian to see everything in Russian

Password is same for all - password

  1. David Lane (English) -

  2. Cora Woods (English) -

  3. Roman Pane (Russian) -

  4. Tara Young (Russian) -

  5. Josh Grey (Arabic) -

  6. Gina White (Arabic) -

  7. Katie Stone (Chinese) -

  8. Tony Ray (Chinese) -

  9. Alex Hart (Japanese) -

  10. Sonia Maxwell (Japanese) -

Accounts having access to Admin Panel

  1. Semi-Admin (limited admin) -
  2. Super-Admin (full access) -

Read the beautiful documentation here - Anofie Docs


Anofie is an ultimate anonymous feedback script for personal & corporate use. A sarahah clone script to collect honest suggestions & feedback.








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