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Built for the creativity and flexibility of the world's most innovative minds, create impactful apps and integrations that make social enterprises more efficient and effective. Engineer the world for good with the Classy API.

Request access and learn more by visiting

Important notice

Classy Node is currently in development and is not ready for use on production.


npm install classy-node


Start by instantiating your classy instance. We recommend storing your client ID and client secret as environment variables.

var Classy = require('classy-node');

var classy = new Classy({
  clientId: process.env.CLIENT_ID,
  clientSecret: process.env.CLIENT_SECRET

Then, use to obtain an application token and make calls as a trusted Classy application: {
  // Make calls on behalf of the application

Every resource method returns a promise:

classy.campaigns.retrieve(19, {
  token: 'app'
}).then(function(response) {
  // Do something with the response
}).catch(function(error) {
  // Do something with the error

Each resource can contain several basic methods (retrieve, update, delete). Each resource might also include additional custom methods that act upon related resources or perform specialized operations:

  • create()
  • retrieve()
  • update()
  • del()
  • create{RelatedResource}() e.g., createCampaign()
  • list{RelatedResources}() e.g. listCampaigns()
  • Other/specialized e.g., publish(), unpublish(), & deactivate()


When submitting a pull request, please make sure you've written good commit messages that include references to issues and clearly describe what the commit achieves. Use the commit body to explain what you did and why you did it. Thanks!

You can run our tests with npm test and get coverage reports with npm run coverage.

You can run the example with babel-node example/index.js. Make sure you have your environment variables for CLIENT_ID and CLIENT_SECRET set up!

More information

Classy Node was built by the developers at Classy in San Diego, CA. We're on a mission to mobilize and empower the world for good.

The code was heavily inspired by Stripe's awesome stripe-node.