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Group CSS line by property rather than by selector for better readability and maintainability
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Ruby command-line tool that prettifies CSS files grouping lines by property rather than by selector

Installation (from GemCutter)

sudo gem update --system  # in order to install dependencies
gem install csswaxer



To do

  • Add a proper wiki
  • Accept CSS files with commands split on multiple lines
  • Accept different media types, not only screen
  • Contain every possible CSS property
  • Align TABS for each property
  • Also expand shorthand property list-style (css_parser does not)
  • Recreate shorthand formats in the final output

Other styles of CSS Code Readability

Loud Dog

Smashing Magazine


v0.0.9 2014/06/05 Bump CSS Parser, which is now available as a gem again. Include iconv which is required.

v0.0.8 2010/08/03 CSS Parser is no (longer) available as a gem in version 1.1.0. Fixed by creating a new gem called css_parser_1.1.0 and requiring that one instead

v0.0.7 2010/04/03 Expanded shorthand properties: background, font, margin, padding

v0.0.6 2010/04/02 Requires CSS Parser > 1.1.0 which includes load_file!

v0.0.5 2010/04/02 Fixed a bug; now respects multiple property values for the same selector

v0.0.4 2010/03/31 Fixed a bug; now also respects !important statements

v0.0.3 2010/03/28 Fixed a bug; now also works on remote CSS files

v0.0.1 2010/03/28 First commit that only works on CSS files with one-line style.


Released in the public domain under the Ruby license. See LICENSE for details.

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