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Drag'n'drop support to reorder objects in the Django admin panel, both with and without Grappelli
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Quick start guide


Using pip:

pip install sortable

Using git:

git clone git://
cd django-sortable
python install

or download the package from


Open and add sortable to your INSTALLED_APPS:


Copy the reorder Javascript the static/js folder:

cp [sortable folder]/sortable/static/js/django-admin-sortable.js [django-app]/static/js/

Reordering instances of a model with drag-and-drop in the admin

To add the sortable feature a model called Article do the following:

Edit app/articles/ changing models.Model with Sortable:

from sortable.models import Sortable

class Article(Sortable):
  # here the model fields, Meta, etc.

If Meta is present, inherit from Sortable.Meta:

# Old version
class Meta:
# New version
class Meta(Sortable.Meta):

Edit app/articles/ changing admin.ModelAdmin with SortableAdmin:

from sortable.admin import SortableAdmin

class ArticleAdmin(SortableAdmin):
  # here the admin stuff 

If ArticleAdmin includes the list_display declaration, change it like this:

# Old version
list_display = ('__unicode__', ...,)
# New version
list_display_links = ('__unicode__', )
list_display = SortableAdmin.list_display + ('__unicode__', ...,)

The list_display_links indicates which field will show the admin detail page when clicked.

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