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Unofficial Java Fitbit client providing access to intraday data not available in official API
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jFitbit is an unofficial Java Fitbit client. While Fitbit provides an API for fetching daily totals, intraday resolution data is unavailable. However, the XML served for building the Flash-based graphs on the site provides the interface to your data used in this client.

This client currently supports fetching the following data at an intraday resolution:

  • Activity score on a 5-minute interval
  • Floor count on a 5-minute interval (if device supported)
  • Sleep level on a 1-minute interval
  • Step count on a 5-minute interval

And the following are also available at a daily resolution:

  • Activity level
  • Activity score
  • Calories consumed
  • Floor count
  • Step count

Example Usage

Fitbit fb = Fitbit.create( "fitbit-email", "fitbit-password" );

FitbitQuery fbQuery = FitbitQuery.create( )
  .from( ).minusDays( 1 ) )
  .toNow( );

for ( StepCount s : fb.stepCount( fbQuery ) )
  System.out.println( s.getInterval( ).getStart( ) + " " + s.getSteps( ) );

Notes on Localization

The XML messages contain localized strings based on the country selection of the user account. As a workaround, users experiencing difficulty with their locale may temporarily switch their account to en_US as follows:

Fitbit fb = Fitbit.create( "fitbit-email", "fitbit-password" );

// Override locale to be en_US for compatibility
fb.enableLocaleOverride( );

//do download and processing

// Restore original user locale upon completion
fb.restoreUserLocale( );

Another issue can result from discrepancies between the local system timezone and the timezone selected in the Fitbit profile on the web. As the XML responses do not contain zone information, the assumption is made that the system time matches that selected on the account.


Android Compatibility

This project is built against Apache HttpClient 4.3.x. Since the HttpClient packaged with Android is effectively a fork of HttpClient 4.0, compatibility is an issue. This project can be used on Android, however, using the HttpClient for Android project in place of the above Apache HttpClient dependency.


See the LICENSE file for rights and limitations under the terms of the MIT license.


Source is hosted at the jFitbit GitHub repository.

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