Software for creating and running 18XX email games using Matthias Klose's postscript system.
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Software for running 18XX email games using Matthias Klose's ps system.

This software was originally created by Matthias Klose and distributed as "postcardware". The original license is preserved (in src/LICENSE) though all indications are that Matthias is no longer at the given address.

This software has seen numerous contributors, but this particular copy of the software has been heavily developed and maintained by Steve Thomas. Please consult the included README and src/LICENSE files for contact information and other credits.

If you are a user of the software and have any thoughts, Steve appreciates user feedback. I find the software perfectly usable as it is and am currently mostly interested in updating and adding modules.

Neither myself, nor Steve, nor any one else provide any warranty or guarantee with this software. It's provided as is and you may with to read the source code as I did before using the software. Updates/fixes may be provided in the future, but no guarantee is made of this.

If you don't know how this system works, then you will want to digest the ps18xx/README file which has an overview of the system. If you know what you're doing and want to jump in to how variants are assembled, see the accompanying VARIANTS file.