A "read later" service for the IndieWeb using Micropub
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A "read later" service for Micropub and Microsub servers.

Using Indiepaper

If you spend a lot of your time in an indie reader like Together, Indigenous, or Monocle, you may want to save articles into a "read later" queue.

Enter Indiepaper! You can send a special HTTP POST request to Indiepaper, and it will extract the content of any article on the web (ad free!) and publish it to the Micropub endpoint of your choosing. You can use this functionality with your Microsub server, such as Aperture, to publish these articles for later consumption into a special channel.

Indiepaper is powered by mf2py and Mercury by Postlight Labs

Indiepaper Public Service

Indiepaper is available as a hosted service at https://indiepaper.io. If you visit the website, you'll also find a useful tool to generate you a "Read Later" bookmarklet for saving articles via Indiepaper, plus links to an iOS Workflow and a native macOS app.