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Provides an efficient way to handle postprocessing for CouchPotatoServer and SickBeard (and its forks) when using one of the popular NZB download clients like SABnzbd and NZBGet on low performance systems like a NAS. This script is based on sabToSickBeard (written by Nic Wolfe and supplied with SickBeard), with the support for NZBGet being added by thorli and further contributions by schumi2004 and hugbug. Torrent suport added by jkaberg and berkona Corrupt video checking, auto SickBeard fork determination and a whole lot of code improvement was done by echel0n Python3 compatibility, and much cleaner code base has been contributed by Labrys of Knossos


Originally this was modified from the SickBeard version to allow for "on-demand" renaming and not have My QNAP TS-412 NAS constantly scanning the download directory. Later, a few failed downloads prompted me to incorporate "failed download" handling. Failed download handling is now provided for SABnzbd, by CouchPotatoServer; however on arm processors (e.g. small NAS systems) this can be un-reliable.

Failed download handling for SickBeard is available by using Tolstyak's fork SickBeard-failed). To use this feature, in autoProcessTV.cfg set the parameter "fork=failed". Default is "fork=default" and will work with the standard version of SickBeard and just ignores failed downloads. Development of Tolstyak's fork ended in 2013, but newer forks exist with significant feature updates such as Mr-Orange TPB (discontinued), SickRageTV and SickRage (active). See SickBeard Forks for a list of known forks.

Full support is provided for SickChill, SiCKRAGE, Medusa, and SickGear.

Torrent support has been added with the assistance of jkaberg and berkona. Currently supports uTorrent, Transmission, Deluge and possibly more. To enable Torrent extraction, on Windows, you need to install 7-zip or on *nix you need to install the following packages/commands.

"unrar", "unzip", "tar", "7zr"
note: "7zr" is available from the p7zip package. Available on Optware.

In order to use the transcoding option, and corrupt video checking you will need to install ffmpeg (and ffprobe). Installation instructions for this are available in the wiki


We who have developed nzbToMedia believe in the openness of open-source, and as such we hope that any modifications will lead back to the original repo via pull requests.

Founder: clinton-hall

Contributors: Can be viewed here


See more detailed instructions in the wiki


Support of the compiled versions of this code has ceased. Compiling this expanding code is becoming very difficult and time-consuming. Installing Python and running from source is not too complex. Please follow the instructions on the Wiki link above. Sorry for any inconvenience caused here.


  1. Install Python

  2. Install pywin32

  3. Clone or copy all files into a directory wherever you want to keep them (eg. /scripts/ in the home directory of your download client) and change the permission accordingly so the download client can access these files.

git clone git://


  1. Please read the wiki pages for configuration settings appropriate to your system.

  2. Please add to the wiki pages to help assist others ;)


  1. Please report all issues, or potential enhancements using the issues page on this repo.