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A started project for AngularJS using with LiveScript

AngularJS + Brunch + LiveScript


  • LiveScript / Sass / SCSS / Stylus automatically compiled on save
  • auto-reload during development saves you from manually refreshing the page
  • Javascript / CSS minification for production
  • testacular integration for unit tests
  • Bootstrap integration with themes.

How to use angular-brunch-seed-livescript

  • git clone to clone the angular-brunch-seed-livescript repository
  • cd angular-brunch-seed-livescript
  • ./scripts/ to install node packages

or if you have Brunch installed run:

brunch new myapp --skeleton

Running the app during development

  • ./scripts/ to serve using Brunch

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:3333

Running the app in production

  • ./scripts/ to minify javascript and css files.

Running unit tests


  • If you would like to write your test in livescript run ./scripts/ in a seperate window.
  • Testacular will run tests on save. To insure that changes are saved be sure to have ./script/ or ./script/ running in the console.
  • If you are on OS X you set the browsers that you would like to target in the /test/testacular_conf.js file E.g. browser = ["ChromeCanary", "Firefox"]

End to end testing


Common issues

EMFILE error

  • EMFILE means there're too many open files. Brunch watches all your project files and it's us