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A starter project for AngularJS using

AngularJS + Brunch


v0.4.0 Bring with it some major changes. If you're upgrading from a previous release, please run ./scripts/ and remove any bower components from vendor. Bower now uses the bower_components directory.


  • Coffeescript / Jade / Less / Stylus automatically compiled on save
  • auto-reload during development saves you from manually refreshing the page
  • Javascript / CSS minification for production
  • karma integration for unit tests
  • Bootstrap integration with themes.
  • Source map support

Alternate Versions

How to use angular-brunch-seed

  • git clone to clone the angular-brunch-seed repository
  • cd angular-brunch-seed
  • ./scripts/ to install node packages

Or if you have Brunch installed run:

brunch new myapp

You must also install packages using bower. Either

bower install


./node_modules/.bin/bower install

NOTE: Depending upon your connection and processor speed the build can take a substantial amount of time (3 - 15 minutes). The bower step is particularly slow, because it downloads the complete git history. If you think that there might be a problems, check you network traffic. If the build is still downloading then it's still working.

Using Jade

You will find the jade files in the app and app/partials directories. Upon save the Jade files will be recompiled to HTML and added to the $templateCache. When reverencing a partial use the path should begin with partial/ and end with .html. For example the app/partials/nav.jade would be referenced in the Angular javascript code as 'partials/nav.html'.

NOTE: Behind the scenes Angular-brunch-seed uses jade-angular-brunch to compile and serve partials. jade-angular-brunch works by creating an Angular module named'partials' that adds the HTML string of the partials to the $templateCache. For this to work you must add partials to yours apps required modules list and include the partials.js file in your index.html file.

If you are interested in the compiled HTML view the contents of the _public/js/partials.js file.

Using html

By default angular-brunch-seed uses jade templates. If you would prefer to use HTML run the command:


Open "app/" and remove the dependency on 'partials' on the module App.

All Jade file will be compiled to HTML and be placed in the app/assets directory. Additionally, the *.jade files will be removed from the project. Any changes that you make to the app/assets/**/*.html files will now appear in the browser.

Running the app during development

  • ./scripts/ to serve using Brunch

Then navigate your browser to http://localhost:3333

NOTE: Occasionally the scripts will not load properly on the initial load. If this occurs, refresh the page. Subsequent refresh will render correctly. Also, the initial load will take longer then subsequent loads, some where around 20 seconds is normal.

Running the app in production

  • ./scripts/ to minify javascript and css files.

Please be aware of the caveats regarding Angular JS and minification, take a look at Dependency Injection for information.

Using Bower

Angular-brunch-seed uses Bower for package management. To add or update dependencies, modify the component.json file and run bower install. The component will be added to the vendor directory.

Running unit tests

  • ./scripts/ to run unit tests with karma


  • Karma will run tests on save. To insure that changes are saved be sure to have ./script/ or ./script/ running in the console.
  • Set the browsers that you would like to target in the /test/karma.conf.js file E.g. browser = ["ChromeCanary", "Firefox"]

End to end testing

  • run the app in development mode as described above using a separate terminal
  • ./scripts/ to run e2e tests with karma using Angular's scenario runner

Common issues

Initial load does not render correctly; scripts are not loading.

  • Occasionally the scripts will not load properly on the initial load. If this occurs, refresh the page. Subsequent refresh will render correctly.

EMFILE error

  • EMFILE means there are too many open files. Brunch watches all your project files and it's usually a pretty big number. You can fix this error with setting max opened file count to bigger number with command ulimit -n 10000.

The complete Brunch FAQ

Receiving updates from upstream

When we upgrade Angular-brunch-seed's repo with newer angular or testing library code, you can just fetch the changes and merge them into your project with git.

git pull origin master

Directory Layout

_public/                  --> Contains generated file for servering the app
                              These files should not be edited directly
app/                      --> all of the files to be used in production

  assets                  --> a place for static assets. These files will be copied to
                              the public directory un-modified.
    img/                  --> image files
    partials/             --> angular view partials (partial HTML templates)
      nav.html                If you are using HTML you may modify these files directly.
      partial1.html           If you are using Jade these file will be update from their *.jade counterpart
    index.html            --> app layout file (the main html template file of the app).

  partials/               --> Jade partial files. This file will be converted to HTML upon save.
    nav.jade                  If you are using HTML this directory will not be present. You will find the template file
    partial1.jade             in the `app/assets/partials` directory instead.
    partial2.jade             If you are using Jade these file will be converted to HTML and compiled into 
                              `_public/js/partials.js` upon save.
  scripts/                --> base directory for app scripts
    controllers.js        --> application controllers
    directives.js         --> custom angular directives
    filters.js            --> custom angular filters
    services.js           --> custom angular services

  styles/                 --> all custom styles. Acceptable files types inculde:
                              less, and stylus
    _override.less        --> styles that should be loaded after bootstrap.
    _variables.less       --> bootstrap variables to be used during the compilation process
                          --> **NOTE the underscore (_). Files begining with an underscore 
                              will not automatically be compiled, they must be imported.
    app.less              --> a file for importing styles.              --> application definition and routes.
  index.jade              --> Index file. This will be converted to assets/index.html on save             --> application bootstrap

bower_components/         --> The bower_components dirctory is populated by Bower.
                              It contains  Angular, Bootstrap Font-Awesome 
                              and other utility files.
node_modules              --> NodeJS modules

scripts/                  --> handy shell scripts         --> compiles *.jade file to *.html file and places them in app/assets        --> compiles coffeescript test to javascript          --> compiles files and watches for changes                 --> installs node modules           --> compiles and compresses files for production use               --> runs a development server at `http://localhost:3333`                 --> runs all unit tests             --> runs all end-to-end tests using Testacular

test/                     --> test source files and libraries
  app/      --> end-to-end specs
    controllers.spec.js   --> specs for controllers
    directives.spec.js    --> specs for directives
    filters.spec.js       --> specs for filters
    services.spec.js      --> specs for services
    test-results.xml      --> Karma test resuls
    karma-e2e.conf.js     --> Karma end-to-end tests config
    karma.conf.js         --> Karma unit tests config

vendor/                   --> The vendor directory is can be used for 3rd Party libraries.
                              Any files located in this directory will be included in js/vendor.js
bower.json                --> Bower component config             --> Brunch config
package.json              --> node modules config


Complete list of code contributers

For more information on angular please check out