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A Clojure library designed to provide common functionality for Clojure development tools (e.g. CIDER).


Originally SLIME was the most popular way to program in Clojure with Emacs and a lot of useful functionality was created for it to support things like code completion, value inspection, finding references, apropos and so on. This functionality was implemented as a swank adapter written in Clojure and lived in the swank-clojure project.

Subsequently CIDER and cider-nrepl replaced SLIME and swank, and much code was moved from swank-clojure to cider-nrepl and continued to evolve there.

You can watch the presentation The Evolution of the Emacs tooling for Clojure to learn more about all of this.

This project is an effort to prevent repeating the mistakes of the past - cider-nrepl was split into two libraries, so that non-nREPL clients can make of use of the general functionality contained in cider-nrepl (e.g. things like apropos, inspect, etc).

Much of the tooling code required to build Clojure editors and smart REPLs is tool-agnostic and should be reused between tools, instead of copied and altered in each and every tool.

API Documentation

Documentation for the master branch as well as tagged releases are available here.


orchard requires Clojure 1.8+ and Java 8+.

Just add orchard as a dependency and start hacking.

[cider/orchard "0.3.3"]

Right now orchard provides functionality like:

  • enhanced apropos
  • classpath utils
  • value inspector
  • Java class handling utilities
  • Utilities for dealing with metadata
  • Namespace utilities

Consult the API documentation to get a better idea about the functionality that's provided.


Copyright © 2018 Bozhidar Batsov & contributors

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.