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Produce and consume JMX beans from Clojure.

Releases and Dependency Information

Latest stable release: 0.3.3

Leiningen dependency information:

[org.clojure/java.jmx "0.3.3"]

Maven dependency information:



Full Documentation

(require '[ :as jmx])

What beans do I have?

(jmx/mbean-names "*:*")
-> #<HashSet [java.lang:type=MemoryPool,name=CMS Old Gen,
              java.lang:type=Memory, ...]

What attributes does a bean have?

(jmx/attribute-names "java.lang:type=Memory")
-> (:Verbose :ObjectPendingFinalizationCount
    :HeapMemoryUsage :NonHeapMemoryUsage)

What is the value of an attribute?

(jmx/read "java.lang:type=Memory" :ObjectPendingFinalizationCount)
-> 0

Give me all the attributes:

(jmx/mbean "java.lang:type=Memory")
-> {:NonHeapMemoryUsage
     {:used 16674024, :max 138412032, :init 24317952, :committed 24317952},
     {:used 18619064, :max 85393408, :init 0, :committed 83230720},
    :ObjectPendingFinalizationCount 0,
    :Verbose false}

Find an invoke an operation:

(jmx/operation-names "java.lang:type=Memory")
-> (:gc)
(jmx/invoke "java.lang:type=Memory" :gc)
-> nil

Conneting to another process? Just run any of the above code inside a with-connection:

(jmx/with-connection {:host "localhost", :port 3000}
  (jmx/mbean "java.lang:type=Memory"))
-> {:ObjectPendingFinalizationCount 0,
    :HeapMemoryUsage ... etc.}

Serve your own beans. Drop a Clojure ref into create-bean to expose read-only attributes for every key/value pair in the ref:

  (ref {:string-attribute "a-string"}))

Developer Information


  1. Clone the repo
  2. Make sure you have maven installed
  3. Run the maven build: mvn install will produce a JAR file in the target directory, and run all tests with the most recently-released build of Clojure.


Copyright © Stuart Halloway

Licensed under the EPL. (See the file epl.html.)