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An API for retrieving, caching, and programatically accessing git libraries.


To access git dependencies (for example, via tools.deps), one must download git directories and working trees as indicated by git shas. This library provides this functionality and also keeps a cache of git dirs and working trees that can be reused.


The following API is provided in

  • (resolve git-url rev) ;; returns full sha of rev in git-url
  • (procure git-url lib rev) ;; returns working tree directory for git-url identified as lib at rev
  • (descendant git-url revs) ;; returns rev which is a descedant of all revs, or nil if none

Git urls

The following git url types are supported:

  • https - for public anonymous clone and fetch of public repos
  • ssh - for authenticated clone and fetch of private repos
  • http and git protocols are plain-text and not supported or recommended

SSH authentication for private repositories

ssh authentication works by connecting to the local ssh agent (ssh-agent on *nix or Pageant via PuTTY on Windows). The ssh-agent must have a registered identity for the key being used to access the Git repository. To check whether you have registered identities, use:

ssh-add -l

which should return one or more registered identities, typically the one at ~/.ssh/id_rsa.

For more information on creating keys and using the ssh-agent to manage your ssh identities, GitHub provides excellent info:

Note: user/password authentication is not supported for any protocol.


The API functions all take revs, which can be any git rev that resolves to a commit, such as:

  • Full sha (40 chars)
  • Prefix sha (sufficiently unique in the repo)
  • Tag name
  • Branch name

Procured working trees are always cached on the basis of the rev's full sha, so using procure repeatedly on a rev that does not resolve to a fixed sha may result in new checkouts in the cache.

Cache directory

Downloaded git dirs and working trees are stored in ~/.gitlibs - this directory is just a cache and can be safely removed if needed.

The cache location can also be set with the environment variable GITLIBS.

Example Usage

(require '[ :as gl])

;; Given a git repo url and a rev, resolve to a full sha.
(gl/resolve "" "739c1af")
;; => "739c1af56dae621aedf1bb282025a0d676eff713"

;; Given a git repo url, library identifier, and a rev, return a path to the working tree
(gl/procure "" 'org.clojure/spec.alpha "739c1af")
;; => "/Users/me/.gitlibs/libs/org.clojure/spec.alpha/739c1af56dae621aedf1bb282025a0d676eff713"

;; Given git repo url, and a collection of revs, return the full sha of the one commit that is
;; a descendant of all other revs or nil if no such rev exists in the collection.
(gl/descendant "" ["607aef0" "739c1af"])
;; => "739c1af56dae621aedf1bb282025a0d676eff713"

Release Information

Latest release: 0.2.64

Developer Information

Copyright and License

Copyright © 2018 Rich Hickey, Alex Miller, and contributors

All rights reserved. The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 1.0 which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.

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