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Formerly known as "gradle-clojure"

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What is this?

A Gradle plugin providing support for the Clojure and ClojureScript languages.

NOTE: clojurephant should not be considered stable until 1.0.0. Until then, minor versions (e.g. 0.1.0 to 0.2.0) will likely contain breaking changes.

Clojure Features

  • Packaging Clojure code (and/or AOT compiled classes) into a JAR
  • Package an Uberjar (via the Gradle Shadow plugin)
  • AOT compilation
  • Running clojure.test tests (integrated into Gradle's Test task)
  • Running an nREPL server (supports custom middlewares or handler)

ClojureScript Features

NOTE: ClojureScript features are pretty new, so let us know if you run into issues or have ideas for improvement.

  • Packaging Clojure code (or compiled JS) into a JAR or ZIP
  • ClojureScript compilation (multiple builds supported)

Why should you care?

The goal is to provide the same creature comforts that Leiningen and Boot do for Clojure/ClojureScript development, while also leveraging Gradle's unique features:

  • Strong support for polyglot projects
  • Strong support for multi-project builds
  • Large plugin ecosystem


See the Release Notes for available versions, compatibility with Gradle, Java, and Clojure, and detailed change notes.

This plugin assumes you're using a sane layout for your Clojure code - namespaces corresponding to your source code layout, and one namespace per file. The plugin uses the filenames to calculate the namespaces involved, it does not parse the files looking for ns forms.

Quick Start

Look at our sample projects:

Common Commands

  • ./gradlew test Executes your clojure.test tests (and any other JUnit tests in your build).
  • ./gradlew clojureRepl Starts an nREPL server (on a random port by default).


plugins {
  id "dev.clojurephant.clojure" version "<version>"

// You need to add clojars for the plugin to work.
repositories {
  maven {
    name = 'Clojars' // name can be ommitted, but is helpful in troubleshooting
    url = ''

dependencies {
  // requires a version of Clojure with prepl (1.10+)
  implementation 'org.clojure:clojure:1.11.1'
  // and any other dependencies you want on the compile classpath
  // implementation 'group:artifact:version'

  // needed for test integration
  testRuntimeOnly 'dev.clojurephant:jovial:0.4.2'
  // and any other test-specific dependencies
  // testImplementation 'group:artifact:version'

  // dependencies for REPL use only
  devImplementation 'org.clojure:tools.namespace:1.3.0'

// needed for test integration
tasks.withType(Test) {

See all available options in the docs.

Getting help

Read the online Clojurephant documentation

For questions or support, please visit the Clojurephant Discussions, ClojureVerse gradle-clojure channel or the Clojurian's Slack #gradle channel

For bug reports and feature requests, please use the repo's issues.


See the guidelines for details on how you can contribute.


This project started from the cursive.clojure plugin by Colin Fleming (@cmf, original author) and Piotrek Bzdyl (@pbzdyl).

Thanks to John Szakmeister (@jszakmeister) for organizing a call with Gradle to get us started in the right direction.

Thanks to all our contributors.