User space utility to control the fan speed on Dell Laptops
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dellfan - user space utility to control the fan speed on Dell Laptops.

  • Allows to set the fan speed of a Dell laptop to 0 (disabled), 1 (medium) and 2 (full speed).


  • The BIOS of some newer Dell laptops (Latitude E6420/E6520/E6430/E6530/E6440/E6540/...) will override the speed you set unless you disable the BIOS control.
    • I found two methods of disabling the BIOS control:
      • By default DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD1 will be used.
      • If you want to try DISABLE_BIOS_METHOD2 edit the source code.
    • On my laptop (E6420), when you disable the BIOS control over the fan some weird things happen:
      • The Fn keys stop working.
      • Suspend to RAM sometimes stops working: The laptop will power itself off instead of suspending.
  • Please, if you find a new method of disabling the BIOS control, let me know it.
    • There is a function that allows to discover new codes by proving (use with care).