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A Chrome plugin for exporting whatapp contact details from groups and chats
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WhatsApp Contact Extractor

A Chrome plugin to help easily extract contacts (that are not in your address book) from whatsapp groups and chats just by clicking a button and pasting the extracted values to any text editor or spreadsheet (the values are formatted as TSV)


  1. Clone this repository to any folder on your computer
  2. Go to your chrome extensions
  3. Enable "Developer Mode" by clicking on the checkbox in the top right corner
  4. Several buttons will appear at the top of the extentions list:
    • Click on "Load unpacked Extention..."
    • Choose the folder where you closed this repository to, and click "Select"
  5. Done!


  1. Go to
  2. Authorize your account
  3. Now, open any group chat your would like to scrape phone numbers from
  4. Open Group Info and scroll to the bottom of the view
  5. Click on Extention button (blue arrow, top right corner) > you should now receive a confirmation message that data was scraped
  6. Open any text document or excel sheet and "paste"
  7. ...
  8. Profit
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