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A monitoring and troubleshooting app for serverless architectures. Cloudash is a desktop app that allows you quickly access logs and metrics of your Lambda functions (and other services soon!). Think of it as a desktop app for AWS, tailored for the serverless use case.

Download v0.2 (macOS)


  • Quick access to metrics and logs of your AWS Lambda functions (other services soon)
  • Everything you need to know about your Serverless service health on one screen
  • Easy navigation between services on different accounts and regions
  • Support for AWS CDK, AWS SAM, and Serverless Framework


Overview screen - the most important metrics for your serverless app

  • number of deployments
  • invocations
  • error rate
  • duration (P95)
  • errors

Cloudash - overview screen

Function screen

  • the most important metrics for your Lambda function (invocations, duration (P95), and errors)
  • logs grouped by invocations
  • logs search

Cloudash - function screen


The current versions (0.x) are free and will work for the next 3 months. Version 1.0 and above will be paid.

Cloudash uses AWS SDK to get metrics data. Be warned that AWS charges for those API calls.

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