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Cloudera Manager Extensions

Cloudera Manager is a powerful tool for managing CDH services and the clusters they run on. Through the use of Cloudera Manager extensibility mechanisms, it is possible to use Cloudera Manager to manage non-Cloudera provided services alongside CDH services, and deploy plugins and extensions for any such managed services.

Before reading about Cloudera Manager extensibility, or developing your own extensions, you should be familiar with the basic operating principles of Cloudera Manager.

What is extensible about Cloudera Manager?

At the highest level, Cloudera Manager concerns itself with managing the lifecycle of various services running on a cluster. This can be broken down into two primary areas:

  • Managing the deployment of the program/data files required for a service to run
  • Managing and monitoring the configuration and running of those services

Accordingly, Cloudera Manager provides two extensibility mechanisms, addressing these two areas. Depending on your goals, you can extend Cloudera Manager using one or both mechanisms.

Parcels: Deploying services

CSD: Managing and monitoring services

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