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👷 worker-emscripten-template

A template for kick starting a Cloudflare worker project with emscripten

index.js is the content of the Workers script.
main.c is the c source code that calls into the stb image resizer library.
build.js holds the command we use to call emscripten.
webpack.config.js holds the webpack config we use to bundle the emscripten output together with your script.

This template requires docker for providing the emscripten build environment. While we believe this provides the best developer experience, if you wish to not use docker you can delete the check for docker and the docker parts of the build command in build.js. Note this means you must have emscripten installed on your machine.


This template requires the ^1.1.0 version of wrangler

wrangler generate myapp

To demo

wrangler preview

then change the url to

Shoutout to Surma for his webpack-emscripten-wasm gist that was instrumental in getting this working!

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