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This repository is intended to serve as a reference and starting point for developer-friendly configuration of the Bosh Director. Consume the master branch.

How is bosh-deployment updated?

An automatic process updates Bosh, and other releases within bosh-deployment

  1. A new release of bosh is created.
  2. A CI pipeline updates bosh-deployment on develop with a compiled bosh release.
  3. Smoke tests are performed to ensure create-env works with this potential collection of resources and the new release.
  4. A commit to master is made.

Other releases such as UAA, CredHub, and various CPIs are also updated automatically.

Using bosh-deployment

Ops files

  • bosh.yml: Base manifest that is meant to be used with different CPI configurations
  • [alicloud|aws|azure|docker|gcp|openstack|softlayer|vcloud|vsphere|virtualbox]/cpi.yml: CPI configuration
  • [alicloud|aws|azure|docker|gcp|openstack|softlayer|vcloud|vsphere|virtualbox]/cloud-config.yml: Simple cloud configs
  • jumpbox-user.yml: Adds user jumpbox for SSH-ing into the Director (see Jumpbox User)
  • uaa.yml: Deploys UAA and enables UAA user management in the Director
  • credhub.yml: Deploys CredHub and enables CredHub integration in the Director
  • bosh-lite.yml: Configures Director to use Garden CPI within the Director VM (see BOSH Lite)
  • syslog.yml: Configures syslog to forward logs to some destination
  • local-dns.yml: Enables Director DNS beta functionality
  • misc/config-server.yml: Deploys config-server (see credhub.yml)
  • misc/proxy.yml: Configure HTTP proxy for Director and CPI
  • runtime-configs/syslog.yml: Runtime config to enable syslog forwarding
  • experimental/remove-registry.yml: Remove the registry for compatible director/CPI/stemcell versions.

See tests/ for example usage of different ops files.

Security Groups

Please ensure you have security groups setup correctly. i.e:

Type                 Protocol Port Range  Source                     Purpose
SSH                  TCP      22          <IP you run bosh CLI from> SSH (if Registry is used)
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      6868        <IP you run bosh CLI from> Agent for bootstrapping
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      25555       <IP you run bosh CLI from> Director API
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      8443        <IP you run bosh CLI from> UAA API (if UAA is used)
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      8844        <IP you run bosh CLI from> CredHub API (if CredHub is used)
SSH                  TCP      22          <((internal_cidr))>        BOSH SSH (optional)
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      4222        <((internal_cidr))>        NATS
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      25250       <((internal_cidr))>        Blobstore
Custom TCP Rule      TCP      25777       <((internal_cidr))>        Registry if enabled


Collection of BOSH manifests referenced by cloudfoundry/docs-bosh




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