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I'm pleased to announce the release of the java-buildpack, version 4.7.1. This release is a dependency update release.

For a more detailed look at the changes in 4.7.1, please take a look at the commit log. The packaged version of the buildpack, suitable for use with create-buildpack and update-buildpack, can be found attached to this release.

Packaged Dependencies

Dependency Version
Apache Geode Tomcat Session Store 0.0.2
AppDynamics Agent 4.4.0_3
CA Introscope APM Framework 10.5.2_15
Client Certificate Mapper 1.4.0_RELEASE
Container Security Provider 1.11.0_RELEASE
Contrast Security Agent 3.4.5_884
Dyadic EKM Security Provider 1.2.0
Dynatrace Appmon Agent 6.3.0_1305
Dynatrace OneAgent 1.131.143
Gemalto Luna Security Provider 6.2.0
Gemalto ProtectApp Security Provider 8.4.0
Google Stackdriver Debugger 2.16.0
Groovy 2.4.10
Java Memory Assistant Agent 0.3.0
Java Memory Assistant Clean Up 0.1.0
JRebel Agent 7.1.3
jvmkill Agent 1.12.0_RELEASE
MariaDB JDBC Driver 2.2.0
Memory Calculator 3.10.0_RELEASE
Metric Writer 1.7.0_RELEASE
New Relic Agent 3.45.0
OpenJDK JRE 1.8.0_152
PostgreSQL JDBC Driver 9.4.1212
Redis Session Store 1.3.6_RELEASE
Spring Auto-reconfiguration 2.3.0_RELEASE
Spring Boot CLI 1.5.9_RELEASE
Spring Boot Container Customizer 2.4.0_RELEASE
Takipi Agent 4.8.18
Tomcat 8.5.24
Tomcat Access Logging Support 3.2.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Lifecycle Support 3.2.0_RELEASE
Tomcat Logging Support 3.2.0_RELEASE
YourKit Profiler 2017.2.68