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Log Cache cf CLI Plugin


A cf CLI plugin for interacting with Log Cache.

If you have any questions, or want to get attention for a PR or issue please reach out on the #logging-and-metrics channel in the cloudfoundry slack

Plugin Demo


Install directly from the Cloud Foundry CLI Plugin Repository:

cf install-plugin -r CF-Community "log-cache"

Or, you can download a pre-built binary from GitHub:

# Linux
cf install-plugin -f log-cache-cf-plugin-linux

cf install-plugin -f log-cache-cf-plugin-darwin

# Windows
cf install-plugin -f log-cache-cf-plugin-windows

Alternatively, you can build from source:

git clone
cd log-cache-cli

Creating Releases

Please review the Release Guide for details on how to release a new version of the plugin.


Tail Logs

$ cf tail --help
   tail - Output logs for a source-id/app

   tail [options] <source-id/app>

   --start-time               Start of query range in UNIX nanoseconds.
   --end-time                 End of query range in UNIX nanoseconds.
   --follow, -f               Output appended to stdout as logs are egressed.
   --lines, -n                Number of envelopes to return. Default is 10.
   --envelope-class, -c       Envelope class filter. Available filters: 'logs', 'metrics', and 'any'.
   --envelope-type, -t        Envelope type filter. Available filters: 'log', 'counter', 'gauge', 'timer', 'event', and 'any'.
   --json                     Output envelopes in JSON format.
   --name-filter              Filters metrics by name.
   --new-line                 Character used for new line substition, must be single unicode character. Default is '\n'.

View Meta Information

$ cf log-meta --help
   log-meta - Show all available meta information

   log-meta [options]

   --guid              Display raw source GUIDs with no source Names. Incompativle with 'source' and 'source-type' for --sort-by. Incompatible with 'application' for --source-type
   --noise             Fetch and display the rate of envelopes per minute for the last minute. WARNING: This is slow...
   --sort-by           Sort by specified column. Available: 'source-id', 'source', 'source-type', 'count', 'expired', 'cache-duration', and 'rate'.
   --source-type       Source type of information to show. Available: 'all', 'application', 'service', 'platform', and 'unknown'. Excludes unknown sources unless 'all' or 'unknown' is selected, or `--guid` is used. To receive information on platform or unknown source id's, you must have the doppler.firehose, or logs.admin scope.

Issue PromQL Queries

cf query --help
   query - Issues a PromQL query against Log Cache

   query <promql-query> [options]

   --end        End time for a range query. Cannont be used with --time. Can be a unix timestamp or RFC3339.
   --start      Start time for a range query. Cannont be used with --time. Can be a unix timestamp or RFC3339.
   --step       Step interval for a range query. Cannot be used with --time.
   --time       Effective time for query execution of an instant query. Cannont be used with --start, --end, or --step. Can be a unix timestamp or RFC3339.

Example cf query usage:

cf query "cpu{source_id='73467cc3-261a-472e-80e8-d6eadfd30d98'}" --start 1580231000 --end 1580231060 --step 1