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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Cloud Foundry 2012.02.03 Beta
# Copyright (c) [2009-2012] VMware, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
# This product is licensed to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").
# You may not use this product except in compliance with the License.
# This product includes a number of subcomponents with
# separate copyright notices and license terms. Your use of these
# subcomponents is subject to the terms and conditions of the
# subcomponent's license, as noted in the LICENSE file.
ENV['BUNDLE_GEMFILE'] ||= File.expand_path("../../Gemfile", __FILE__)
require "bundler"
require 'yaml'
require 'nats/client'
require 'vcap/common'
require 'vcap/logging'
require 'rest_client'
logger = VCAP::Logging.logger('uaa')
root=File.absolute_path(File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), ".."))
if File.exist?(root) then"Using root=#{root}")
abort("#{root} is not a directory. Do you need to init submodules?")
cfg_path = ENV['CLOUD_FOUNDRY_CONFIG_PATH'] ? ENV['CLOUD_FOUNDRY_CONFIG_PATH'] : File.join(root, "config")"Config path: #{cfg_path}")
cfg_file = File.join(cfg_path, "uaa.yml")
config = {"uaa"=>{}, "varz"=>{}}
File.exist?(cfg_file) && do |f|"Loading config file from #{cfg_file}")
config["varz"]["username"] ||= VCAP.secure_uuid
config["varz"]["password"] ||= VCAP.secure_uuid"Launching tomcat from PID=#{}")
maven_opts = "-DPID=$$"
config["jvm_args"] && maven_opts += " " + config["jvm_args"]
config["spring_profiles"] && maven_opts += "" + config["spring_profiles"]
maven_opts += """ -Dvarz.username=#{config["varz"]["username"]} -Dvarz.password=#{config["varz"]["password"]}""""Tomcat JVM args: #{maven_opts}")
# The form of this next bit is very sensitive. We need the PID for
# logging so we need to exec from the shell to stay in the same
# process...
pid = spawn("export MAVEN_OPTS=\"#{maven_opts}\" && exec mvn tomcat:run -P vcap", {:chdir=>root})"Tomcat PID = #{pid}")
pidfile = config["pid"]
if !pidfile then
Process.kill("ABRT", pid)
abort("No 'pid' file path defined in #{cfg_file}")
end, 'w') {|f| f.write(pid) }"Preparing to launch NATS from #{pid}")
router_msg = { :host => config["uaa"]["host"]||"localhost", :port => config["uaa"]["port"]||8080, :uris => config["uaa"]["uris"]||[""], :tags => {:component => "UAA"} }
router_json = Yajl::Encoder.encode(router_msg)
discover_msg = { :type => 'UAA',
:host => "%s:%s" % [config["uaa"]["host"]||"localhost", config["uaa"]["port"]||8080],
:index => 0,
:credentials => [config["varz"]["username"], config["varz"]["password"]]
discover_json = Yajl::Encoder.encode(discover_msg)"Sending Router info to NATS: json="+router_json)
mbus = config["mbus"] || "nats://localhost:4222/" do
max_wait = 30
uaa_is_up = false
start_time ="Waiting for uaa to start within #{max_wait} seconds")
response = RestClient.get "#{discover_msg[:host]}/login", accept: "application/json",
open_timeout: 2, timeout: 2
uaa_is_up = response.code == 200 && response.body =~ /prompts/
rescue Exception => e "waiting for uaa to start: #{e}"
sleep 2
end while !uaa_is_up && - start_time < max_wait
# NATS will block and we want to wait for the tomcat process so this
# has to go in a new thread"UAA started, registering with NATS")
NATS.start(:uri => mbus) do
NATS.subscribe('') do |msg, reply|
NATS.publish(reply, discover_json)
# Also announce ourselves on startup..
NATS.publish('vcap.component.announce', discover_json)
# Tell all current routers where to find us.
NATS.publish('router.register', router_json)
# Listen for router starts/restarts
NATS.subscribe('router.start') { NATS.publish('router.register', router_json) }
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