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🔭 Emulation engine for GCP
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Build Status

Emulation engine for GCP

clocal-gcp provides an easy-to-use test/mocking framework for developing Cloud applications.

Currently features are under development.

🚀 Install

$ git clone

$ cd clocal-gcp

$ yarn

$ yarn start <command>

⚽ Command List

  • clocal-gcp func

    start clocal-gcp function emulator
    • func start
    • func stop
    • func deploy
    • func call
    • func list
    • func delete
  • clocal-gcp storage

    start clocal-gcp storage emulator
    • storage start
    • storage stop
    • storage create
    • storage delete
    • storage cp
    • storage ls
  • clocal-gcp mem

    start clocal-gcp memcache emulator
    • mem start
    • mem stop
  • clocal-gcp pubsub

    start clocal-gcp pubsub emulator
    • pubsub start
    • pubsub stop
  • clocal-gcp datastore

    start clocal-gcp datastore emulator
    • datastore start
    • datastore stop
  • clocal-gcp bigtable

    start clocal-gcp bigtable emulator
    • bigtable start
    • bigtable stop
  • clocal-gcp firestore

    start clocal-gcp firestore emulator
    • firestore start
    • firestore stop

In development replace clocal-gcp with 'npm start' or 'yarn start'

Example command

* clocal-gcp func start

Example command in development

* npm start func start

📚 Overview

clocal-gcp spins up the following core Cloud APIs on your local machine:

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